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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beat Binge Eating with Meal Planning (Free Sample Meal Plan Included)

By Failing To Prepare You Are Preparing To Fail (Benjamin Franklin Quote), premium art printOne way to figure out what to do with my CSA bag is writing down what I have and where it's going.

This also keeps me from tearing into 2 beers and 4 brownies which happens on Thursdays.  I fail all Thursdays and if I decide I need to go out on the weekend?  Game over.  If I just have to come home and heat up dinner...well, I'm not going to pacify myself with random crackers.

Same thing goes for lunch or snacks at work...if you already do the work ahead of time...you are less tempted to fail.

Here is a recipe run down for the week:

Protein sources:
Hard boiled eggs and egg whites for meals and snacks
3 random chicken breasts to be put to good use (see stuffed chicken breasts with goat cheese and Italian Parsley pesto coming this week)
Pumpkin granola (From Skinny Taste)
Protein Powder

Produce sides:
Roasted apples and acorn squash smash (recipe coming this week)
Crispy Mac and Cheese
Kale Chips
Roasted peppers/potatoes/zucchini

Greek yogurt and granola
Quest Bars
Walnut protein balls (I didn't use the cashews in the recipe)

Start with 2-3 days of meal planning.  Think baby steps:

1 scoop Protein Powder (mine has 100 Calories) +1 TBS almond butter + 1 cup Coconut milk +1/2 cup frozen chopped banana +1/2 chopped kale: 330 Calories/20 g protein/6 g fiber

Chicken/2 cups of roasted vegetables 400 Calories/20 g protein/8 g fiber

Roasted apple/acorn squash smash (200 Calories per cup)
kale chips (120 Calories)

1 cup Greek Yogurt and granola (250 Calories, 18 g protein, 3 g fiber)