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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beet It: Science Behind More Ugly Super Foods

Beets are skimming the surface of potentially becoming a trendy super food, like kale, they're not exactly a seductive addition to your shopping cart but like the rough exterior of the characters on Duck Dynasty, these red rubies are sweet below that rough exterior. 
From: http://www.worldcommunitycookbook.org

Beets are an epic source of folate and betaine.  Betaine is made in the body and works with the functioning of the liver's cell production.  It also aids in the formation of carnitine.  Back in the 90's homocysteine was all the rage due to it's negative effects on the heart and the betaine from beets can help counteract the homocysteine. 

Folate helps with cancer prevention and cardiovascular health as well, when you combine the two in beets, homocysteine and other inflammatory biological hockey goons are carted off into the penalty box for cardiovascular misconduct. 

On the cancer end, the betacyanins which give beets that deep red wine color are being studied and have properties as potential cancer fighters in laboratory animals.

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