01 09 10 Tweet Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too: 8 Minute Dinner.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

8 Minute Dinner.

Photo: Broiled tortilla with tomatos, chevre goat cheese and corn salsa...170 calorie dinner.
Fast.  How I like my cars and my dinner. 
I came home after "light cardio day" which I'm not really sure what that is supposed to mean but I really had nothing left to make for dinner after the weekend's leftovers and festivities had vanished with the company we had.  I saw a Martha Stewart recipe I wanted to try that used the corn tortillas above but basically had the ingredients on hand and never felt like putting it together.

Anyway, this incredibly satisfying dinner can make up as a snack, appetizer, or be doubled or tripled as needed.  

What you'll need:
corn tortillas (or any will work...this is cooking people, if you have a pita on hand go for it)
Trader Joe's corn salsa
goat cheese
mozzarella cheese
salt and pepper

Assembly line:
Pre-heat broiler and tear a sheet of aluminum foil (because I hate doing dishes) to throw over your pan.  Pop the tortilla on it and schmear with 1 TBS of goat cheese.  Remove the seeds of a tomato and dice (or as small of a chop as you can muster, substitute fresh salsa as needed).  I topped mine with a TBS of corn salsa and 1 TBS mozzarella cheese and left it in the broiler for 5 minutes.

Literally 170 Happy Calories.