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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Frozen Wasteland. An Ode To The Freezer.

Grumpy Cat.'s photo.
Thank you Grumpy Cat. 
Every overachiever/blogger has been getting fresh produce from their farmer's markets.  They must live somewhere nice (not Ohio) where it hasn't been raining and 40 degrees.  Maybe this is really Seattle not Columbus but I was signing up for the Bob Evans Farmstead when I moved here, not 90s grunge weather.  I'm glad there are people that care about fresh food because my current self-diagnosed seasonal depression due to mother nature inflicted rain and overcast has me reheating and periodically boiling things.  Wine helps.

Anyway, while people actually feel compelled to spend time at the farmer's market, Whole Paycheck...er Whole Foods, or in the garden; there are those of us who like to spend time not cooking extensively and watching Netflix.  I interrupted a Treme marathon to get this off my chest.

Stuff to pick up:

Trader Joe's Fire-Roasted Vegetables with Balsamic Butter Sauce, I discovered this while living in Washington D.C. and still buy this stuff in bulk.

Photo: Scoreboard at Columbus Crew game...on fire.
Fast frozen meals give you time to watch scoreboards burn :( 
Frozen peppers.  Yes.  You really need these, organic?  Birdseye?  Cascadian Farms?  Whichever brand you like.  Add a bag to pasta water during the last minute and drain (works for macaroni and cheese as well), heat up and add to omelettes, sauces, roasted potatoes, you get the point.  Minimal Calories, max nutrition.

Frozen greens (Kale, spinach, etc.).  Why spend $$$ on fresh when you can get something that just needs nuked for a few minutes to make a potentially disastrous Calorie bomb into something a bit more of a friend to the physique.

Frozen seafood.  Look for shrimp that don't appear to be white frozen blobs, they should be a little bit clear. Pick up vacuum packed salmon, cod, or tilapia at great prices.

Alexia foods.  Freezer section. Buy all of it.  It's amazing.

Kashi frozen entrees. Their pizza makes me never order out.  Their frozen TV style dinners save me when I don't want to cook on Fridays, it's healthy, fast, and leaves little room for the drive-thru.