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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day: Love Countdown

Charles M. Schulz 

I was trying to come up with a top ten things I love nutrition/wellness wise that would get you through the day until your "Valentine's Day Sucks!" party.  So here we go:
  • Coffee, this is my number one.  Yes, I get an appropriate amount of sleep but work makes me tired, but coffee reduces the incidence of Diabetes, is a source of antioxidants, has 1-2 g of heart healthy soluble fiber, improves fat burning, and reduces your chances of Alzheimer's.  Thanks a latte!
  • Eggs.  I either eat eggs or egg whites 4 times a week for breakfast.  The premiere source of protein, and eye healthy nutrients (lutein, zeathanin to be exact) and a cool 70 Calories, this keeps you full and on the move.
  • Yoga.  Typically I hate slow moving, boring, self-reflection.  No I don't want to journal about my feelings, I prefer to man up and just 'keep calm and carry on' periodically.  It's nice to have a happy place that will keep my spine/chiropractor happy and where I can work on not thinking.
  • The internet.  Yes, the cliche hub of all my health blogs I read, some I love and some just annoy me (hey if you want to get up at 4:30 AM to go to the track and run 18 miles of track repeats...then play with your kids...good for you.  It makes me feel crappy in comparison.)
  • Spinning.  Yes, I'm back on the bike.  I wanted to train and ride in Pelotonia, but then I saw how much you have to fund raise.  I figured I'd rather donate to help someone else's cancer fighting cause and keep on running for whatever cause I'm determined to save this week. 
  • Pelotonia
    Epic and noble cause, please see their site here: http://pelotonia.org/

  • Box jumps. Yes, sounds weird but when you're not the most athletically coordinated person (I managed alright in soccer for 18 years), or the fastest, I have found the ability to jump the highest.
  • TV marathons of Moonshiners.  Deep, dumb, poetic, and illegal.  
  • Polar Heart Rate monitor.  Did you really burn off that extra large/extra cheese pizza from last night?