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Friday, February 22, 2013

Just Nuts: A Coconut Oil 411

I really hate citing Dr. Oz, but I found a good article about the health benefits of coconut oil.  It looks like a jar of Crisco and I bought it at Trader Joe's for 6 bucks.  It's the same Calorie profile as most oils (120 Calories per Tablespoon).  Why should you care?

Coconut oil is a good source of medium chain triglycerides that can help with calorie burning (i.e. weight loss), a decrease in calorie intake, and can promote fat burning.  It does show some promise for endurance athletes and bodybuilding (hey, the Arnold Classic is coming up in Columbus) despite some pretty paltry research.

According to Dr. Oz, coconut oil can help with blood sugar regulation (well, theoretically, olive oil can do the same as either have carbs/sugar and are the lowest of the low on the glycemic index scale), because it takes longer to digest (due to its fat content) you would eat less.

On to the thyroid, Dr. Oz's site reports, "Coconut can help restore normal thyroid function. When the thyroid does not function optimally, it can contribute to higher levels of bad cholesterol." 

If you like the taste of coconut, give it a try.  It gives a nice taste to dishes esp. any Thai or Indian cooking.  

Read more here: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/surprising-health-benefits-coconut-oil