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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gym Etiquette: Don't Be A Jag-Off

Well, we are about 6-7 weeks in on our New Year's Resolutions (or my fellow Catholics are in Lent, I've given up: swearing, junk food, and using my credit card, I also hate my life right now but will be stronger for my lack of needing 'things').  With everyone trying to turn over a new leaf of behaviors, some people need to learn a few things.  This list comprises a few things that annoy me that I see frequently (I am guilty of a few of these).
Source: eonline.com

  • Wipe off your machines before and after using them, don't ever assume.
  • Don't leave your gum on the water bottle holders...I mean chewed gum.  Someone is paid to clean off machines periodically and I don't want my water bottle sporting your chewed up wad of Big Red.  
  • Leave your cell phone in your glove box, locked up in a locker, or just go somewhere that isn't a high traffic area if you really need to lose it.  
  • Those metal boxes?  They aren't for your towel, iPhone, magazine, or car keys, someone might need to use it.  
  • Get to classes a few minutes early to set up or if you need to leave before the end of a class, pick a discrete corner and slip out.
  • Never, ever, leave during shavasana (corpse pose in yoga), people are happily not moving and are in a semi-dead to the world state.  Don't ruin this by opening the door and jolting people into the beats of Rihanna. I love Rihanna, just not when I'm trying to crash.