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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Dieting Dilemma: How Many Mozzarella Sticks Can A Dietitian Eat?

I truly live for the epic-ness that is Friday.  It is so epic, I need to over use a played out word and even go a step further and add the suffix -ness on it.  I love the sensation of Friday so greatly that 70% of the time I binge out hard core which then leads to the weekend and I've undone every spin class, hot yoga, run, and lifting misery that I brought on myself.

So after approximately 8 cheese sticks from a Schwann's box lurking in the freezer and 640 epic Calories later I figured I'd chase it with a 157 Calorie Anchor Steam (because I love and miss San Francisco) and call it a night.

So what are we supposed to eat and/or do the next day that we have celebrated Friday like it's the only one all year?  Clean, bro.  Clean that %^&* up.

2 slices of random whole wheat hippie toast with 1 TBS Earth Balance, 1/2  cup milk spread out over 2 cups of coffee because I'm only working on so many of my life's addictions at this time.

wish I ate better, but managed to kill to mini-cinnamon buns at a Mary Kay thing with 1/2 a banana and almond butter...

6 oz grass-fed sirloin and a double side of non-starchy vegetables.

Saturday night:
Something alcoholic under 200 Calories, because it's the weekend.

Things I am lacking hard core:
Calcium, fiber, protein, vegetables

Things that worked out pretty well:
No stupid snacking in between meals, laundry was done, and I took a nap.