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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February: A Month With Heart

You're Just Like Bacon Card
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Oh, February.  This month is really only good if you're about 9 years old and putting together an epic Valentine's Day card box.  My friend actually made a space ship for hers in the 5th grade.  Why I vividly remember such an event is beyond me.

February isn't just for people in love (or people who like to throw "Valentine's Day Sucks!" parties, it's also a pretty good time to think about taking better care of your ticker:

  • Saturated fat isn't great for your heart (neither is fried food) but watch out for excess sugar, thought the fat free cookies from the office vending machine were safe?  You might be better off with a few bricks from a dark chocolate bar.
  • Too young for high cholesterol?  After checking your family history, young women should be aware that oral contraceptives can increase you cholesterol levels, all the more reason to keep eating right, exercising, and having that checked.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids!  Sprinkle these into your day by choosing grass fed beef (that's lean!), organic dairy products, walnuts, and aim for 3 g of fish oil supplements.  Why'd I say 3 grams?  Because the American diet is already poor in Omega 3 fatty acids, make up somewhere.
  • Stand up. Avoid the couch and  sitting for long periods of time.  This causes the body to go into 'fat storage' mode and will increase insulin resistance, triglycerides, and cholesterol.