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Monday, December 17, 2012

Dietitians Get Broke Too

This has not been a cheap holiday season.  New struts on the car with some other tweaks $400...Christmas presents, cards, stamps, getting a good deal on everything $447 (and I left a lot of people out), renewing my dad's website on GoDaddy $174...haven't even bought my wedding dress, put money down on a photographer, DJ, and rent, yea...don't forget the $4 for losing PowerBall tickets.

So a lot of not so fun and fun things have happened that happen to be free, I've eaten out a lot less (net savings of $100-200 per month), cut down on the Groupon, and well, made an effort to stick to my grocery list.  That is terrible because Trader Joe's has cool stuff and I must try it all once...a week.  I was searching my usual blogs to distract myself from some worries: Healthy on a Budget: What to avoid.  Start saving so January isn't as bleak!
I cannot explain how much I love this place.