01 09 10 Tweet Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too: Christmas Day Diet, A Well Planned Bingefest

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Day Diet, A Well Planned Bingefest

If you're reading this that means we have survived the world coming to and end.  I'm typing this from the Hampton Inn in Cambridge, Ohio which is a nice place.  I decided to drop in to avoid being taken out by a semi- on interstate-70 in this 'blizzard'. I'm happy to report that Ohio is unable to handle 2 inches of snow and since everyone else was on the side of the road spinning out...I decided to just stay somewhere warm.  

This is based on 2000 Calories, you will not lose weight but it will give you some sense of "well, I really didn't over do it".  This is by no means healthy, the main goal is to get all of yourself full and stop eating.  

Breakfast (don't skip this)
some kind of protein...eggs?  Protein shake?  Have a solid 300 Calories worth (2 eggs 4 egg whites and 2 TBS cheese) or 1/3 cup protein powder mixed with water.

Snack (2 hours before Christmas dinner)
Can your kids relate?
I'm stuck in a hotel in Ohio.  Guess my wish came true!
Guess what?  More protein, not really feeling carbs here unless your a Diabetic and I have another plan of action for that at another post.  But we're really not eating balanced meals here because it's a holiday and that's how we roll here. 

Make this about 200 Calories, trust me; it'll get ugly from here on out.

Christmas dinner
Free reign for 1500 Calories which constitutes 1-2 desserts, 2 servings of meat, 1.5 servings (fist sized) of a starch, and heck, you might want to work out and allot another 300 Calories for extra dessert.  If you find yourself satisfied eating salad, you are a better person than I.