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Friday, March 23, 2012

Go Cheap Or Go Home.

I initially started my career during the recession and I frankly remember sometime in 2008 an add recessison.  It wasn’t doing it for me since I had no job at the time, then I had a job as a temp which lasted as long as Lindsay Lohan’s most recent rehab stint (she swears she’s on the wagon).  Anyway, cheap food and couch surfing have always been on many people’s minds at this time.
The crummy part about cheap food is that it makes you fat.  Dollar Value Meals, Drive-Thru dinners, gas station treats.
They make you go from skinny jeans to fat pants.  Then, if you have no income, you have to buy new pants and it’s a self deprecating cycle of bummer-ness.
Here are a few ideas and blogs on the topic to cut some costs for summer (hey the Midwest and East Coast are having the nicest winter ever).