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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Food Science, Pizza, & Holiday Decorating

Ikea paper doves

Anyway, I'm working on my letter of intent for OSU's Food Science Technology (want to know more about Food Science?).  The morning has been spent with this question: "What makes me unique?"

Well, aren't we all unique?

I've decided what makes me different is that I challenge the status quo.  I experiment, break rules.  I look for outcomes and want different solutions to the same problem.

I make pizza.

 White Pizza Cabra La Mancha
Pre-combustion, er I meant oven.
 I used fresh pizza dough with whole wheat flour (1 pkt yeast, 1 cup warm water ~100 degrees F, 3 cups whole wheat flour, let rise 1 hour, topple into a pan and let rise another 40 minutes before baking at 350)

To top my pizza, I sauteed 3 cups of spinach with 2 TBS lemon juice and topped the pizza with that and a mix of Cabra La Mancha goat cheese from Firefly Farms, grated fresh parm, and some jalapeno cheese from Hickory Farms, a total of 3/4 cup of cheese.
Finished product.
Pro-fermentation of grapes!
Mixed greens salad with goat cheese