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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just Because You Put A Pretty Shirt Over Your Muffin Top Does Not Make It A Cupcake

so are stink bugs.

Anyway, after surviving a hurricane, tropical storm, earthquake, and trying to figure out where the Steelers were last weekend, I can say I'm glad to finally be enjoying cooler weather here in the Free State.

After Katie and Charlie's wedding last weekend, Steve and I went to our old alma mater--Kent State to rehash at Starbucks.

That Starbucks opened in the frigid winter of 2004 and has provided me with caffeinated solace ever since.

Speaking of the resurrection  of all things pumpkin, Candy bought me a bar of soap (she didn't mention if I smell or not.

I am seriously happy right now.
This week's obsession is brought to you by Simply Organic Fajita seasoning.

I fixed a marinade by dumping a packet into a bowl and added 1/4 cup water and 1 TBS olive oil.

From there marinated peppers were born and my "can't see the steak" salad came about.

Just add guacamole, tomatoes, and white beans.

Prepare marinade as described above.  Take 1 lb. London Broil and add 2 TBS of marinade in a ziplock bag, slice peppers and pour remaining marinade over peppers
refrigerate both overnight.

Sear off steak to desired done-ness and rest on a cutting board.  Add peppers and liquid to pan to deglaze.  Cook peppers until tender-crisp.  In a large bowl, place steak strips, chopped tomatoes (1 cup), almonds (1/4 cup), and 2 oz of guacamole (a 100 Calorie pack will do), toss to coat.  Once peppers have cooled slightly, add to salad and serve immediately.