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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crazy Stupid Diet

Kris Carr's take on cancer is inspiring.  Her diet?  Let down.

Raw food is bogus.  What's the other one I hate?  Gluten-free diets for people that--don't have Celiac disease.

I've been reading the Crazy Sexy Diet.  Let's just say my fellow RDs are not fans of raw food diets.  This is not a knock on vegetarianism or vegan lifestyles which I endorse with my own overly caffeinated lifestyle

The American Dietetic Association reviewed the book and they were nice.  

I am mean.

Here are some of my grievances with the program:

  • Raw foods and enzymes are merda.  Your stomach and digestive system is fully capable of digesting food unless you have diverticular disease, colitis, or any other inflammatory bowel disease.
  • You need more than 40 g of protein a day.  Protein can come from vegetable sources such as 'beans and rice', soy (which I hate but that's another rant), textured vegetable protein, and other places.
  • I am pro-hormone free dairy--this book is completely vegan. Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) is used in the dairy industry to increase milk production, however, it's claimed 'safe' in the U.S., Europe and Canada have banned it.
  • There is a chapter on enemas and 'detoxing'.  If you eat enough fiber 25 g per day (if you build up to 35 g of fiber your body will block 100 Calories from being absorbed--no more than 35 g please).   Pooping is detoxifying despite what people may try to sell you.