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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Grain Of Salt: What To Look For In Health Food Blogs

I’ve been a connoisseur of blogs since my internship in 2008 (University of Maryland, College Park Dietetic Internship with Information Technology).  I was bored at a rotation site and started my own blog on blogger and just sorta kept up with it.  My initial plans were not really to turn a profit, but I’ve been fortunate to be able to branch out in more social media by blogging for SCAN and Food and Nutrition Magazine.  If you’ve noticed, I usually just post a recipe of what I made for dinner, breakfast, or occasionally lunch.  I rarely put myself out there outside of social media and in reality; I don’t spend 30+ hours on my blog.  I put in about 1 hour a week if you’re lucky and still have pretty good readership (50,000+ hits isn’t too shabby). 
source: http://toddbacile.wordpress.com/
There are a few things to keep in mind when reading nutrition blogs.
·         RD blogs are going to be the gold standard for your nutrition needs (weight loss, diabetes, Crohn’s, or gluten-free), you can find a listing at the Nutrition Blog Network: http://www.nutritionblognetwork.com.

Some people are knowledgeable about healthy lifestyles and have their own “diets” but honestly, if you’re looking for advice, go with the pros.

·         Calories count.  Yes you might have found a vegan, paleo, locavore, diabetic friendly (let’s add 500 adjectives to justify a peanut butter…er almond butter cup) recipe but just because you switch butter to olive oil or peanut butter to almond butter, there are still Calories.  Lots of Calories.  A lot of blogs I follow, sadly are very high in carbohydrates (yes, quinoa is a carb and packs 170 Calories in a measly ¼ cup and a smidge of fiber), low in protein, and sometimes fiber. 

·         Don’t read on an empty stomach…or get on Pinterest.  I use Pinterest to distract myself from sugar cravings but I just search the “home/organization” pins or random animals.  I have probably pinned 800 different stuffed Oreo cookie variations.  It also makes me want cookies. 
Favorite RD blogs?  Three RD blogs I follow with gusto are, The Gypsy Dietitian, Healthfully Ever After (in my next life I will have it a bit more together like this), and Prevention RD

They have great recipes, food photography, a splash of personal life, and quality nutrition advice.