01 09 10 Tweet Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too: Mindless Strategies to Curb Binge Eating

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mindless Strategies to Curb Binge Eating

Binge eating started with bad baseball x 20 years. 

I can honestly say that I should be probably eating a lot more caloric things.  I've been pretty even keel the last 3 weeks and I'm not sure why...well, I have ideas.  I had to up my yoga after hitting the 60 days until 'the big day' tally (thanks Macy's registry for scaring the crap out of me).  Nothing grinds my gears like intercepting jag offs who want to bring their kids to an adults only reception...or find themselves compelled to bring their whole family.  Does anyone have etiquette?  Apparently, not.  

Normally, this might have me dwelling the rudeness of people in a pint of Ben and Jerry's but I've thrown myself into my Master's and the gym.  Periodically, I do laundry but it's hard keeping zen and I just want a good couple glasses of wine...and cheese...maybe the whole brick and an entire sleeve of crackers.  

But no one trusts a fat dietitian.  This is a sad but true fact.  One thing with binge eating is that you need to have a routine and not deviate from it.  

1.  Practice meditation. You'll careless about other stressors, free mediation can be found here: http://marc.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=22

2.  Plan ahead.  Keep something ready to go for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks so you're not rummaging through the candy jar at the office, daily birthday cake celebration, or running to the drive-thru.  

3. Weigh yourself a lot.  This is tricky.  You go between obsessive but sometimes you gotta see the numbers to care.  Figure out your motivation.

4.  Do some non-food related treat weekly.  I paint my nails.  You might watch Fight Club.  Make it happen.  Your kids are durable, everyone else can wait.  Quit making excuses when I'm giving you solutions.

5. Fill up on an ungodly amount of produce.  Ready to go binge city? Fine. Start with a large salad.  Move on to 1-2 cups of cooked vegetables over a sweet potato, maybe you have stuffed tomatoes because your dad decided he needed to plant 27 tomato plants this summer.  By the time you hit your third serving of produce the volume of food is going to start triggering you intestines to release some boss hormones and you'll get fuller faster than 2 Big Macs.