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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

When You Can’t Trust Your Trainer

I’m in a mood to open a can of worms as usual.  And honestly, I have worked with some amazing
trainers over the past several years but there’s one thing that sends up a red flag, their nutrition advice
Now, your personal trainer should be certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine or another
affiliate so you don’t end up looking like a mangled piece of metal from the Terminator series.  
Periodically I have friends that undergo cleanses while doing boot camp workouts that end of crashing
or getting so hungry they binge eat through the whole process.

One of the major issues with personal training as a business is that there is no governing body that can
hold everyone to the same standard.  I don’t tell people how to work out and they shouldn’t step in on
my toes either.
Green lights for your trainer may be:
·         Basic sports nutrition information (two certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association include basic sports nutrition info in their programs, I prefer them to have some background on how the two correspond).
·         Whatever their gym allows, some gyms have specific guidelines which are determined on liability depending on the state and most ‘globo’ gyms (sorry for the Dodge Ball reference) either consult or hire a Registered Dietitian.  I’ve done this in the past.  Ask if they know any or look up your nearest RD at http://eatright.org.
·         General nutrition and wellness information: telling people not to eat Doritos?  I’m not going to complain.  Telling people not to eat gluten because we should all be paleo, recommending expensive supplements, diet plans, etc.  Now, you’re getting me fired up. 
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