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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Orthorexia: Self-Reflections and Observations

Set your life on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames.

I wanted to follow up on my own thoughts, experiences, and feelings of orthorexia since it seemed to get so many hits, I think a lot more people are interested in obsessions with perfection and healthy eating.
One thing I’ve learned from blogging and reading blogs is that people put up only their ‘good stuff’.  You think that because someone made a fashionable pin, posted their latest tempo run mile times, or a picture of their dog you assume their life is perfect. 
In reality (well, my reality), they might have just downed 10 White Castle burgers after their ‘raw, vegan, gluten-free’ dinner went live on WordPress.  

I have noticed trends in the uber healthy that orthorexia can be a cover up for something else.  Eating Disorders are a coping mechanism for control.  We have unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves.

I enjoy my frustrations with binge eating that I think I have a stable handle on at this point and can safely consume sugar.  Weaknesses make one human.  It's cool. 

Finding neutrality in stress and my reactions to life and/or people being human have given me a bit more class and grace.  People can be rude, work can drive you bananas, but you can chose to be neutral and stay calm or let other people drive your frustrations. 

I personally struggle with eating out and I’m accepting of that but I also won’t punish myself anymore for 2 hours at the gym. 
It’s alright to be human and with our ever more sedentary lifestyles we’re frequently pushed between fat pants and skinny jeans.  We just can’t be at a happy weight in an active body that eats nourishing food and stops when its full.  We try to wire ourselves between buffets and juice cleanses.  

Just know that it's OK to "Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants."  Perhaps that Michael Pollan character was on to something after all.