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Friday, June 28, 2013

Hum Nutrition: A Post of Good Things And Bad Puns

Like Christmas came early.

I supplement.  I have no shame in it. Yes, I eat pretty healthy 80% of the time as 20% is reserved for happy hour but I honestly don't think about how much Zinc and Selenium I get.  I could probably use a bit more Calcium or Omega 3 Fatty Acids for my ticker.  
I basically load up on vegetables and lean protein with whole grains, sparse fruit and a glass of wine to round out my week (OK sometimes I need a beer depending on how my teams are doing).  I've come to the conclusion that vitamins are not a nutritional crutch.  They tie it all in with a healthy diet filling in gaps as needed.  

I am quite pleased to announce that I have partnered with Hum Nutrition based in Los Angeles.  They provide a personalized vitamin service that is backed by science.  Instead of awkwardly rummaging through the aisles of a grocery chain or vitamin business, you fill out a 3 minute survey that takes into account the following: lifestyle, stress, diet, age, activity, and gender.  Your individual results are sent to a real Registered Dietitian (yes, someone like me--just as charming) who then recommends some of their vitamins based on your needs.  You can learn more about their RDs here. The kicker is that you have access to a licensed healthcare professional.  You won't find that with other vitamin chains, supplement programs that shall remain nameless. 

This is why I chose to do this:
  • This is entirely science backed and work with UC Davis.
  • I've checked out the supplements to make sure there are no creepy fillers that you would get in cheaper vitamins.
  • They support Registered Dietitians and have an "Ask The Experts" section on their website. 
  • The names of their vitamins are pretty cool: Red Carpet, Ripped Rooster, Skinny Bird, Omega The Great...
So, if you're interested, click the banner on your right and get humming.