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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Swimsuit Season: Almighty Avocados.

Disclaimer: I've been a bit MIA recently due to the NHL playoffs and my unyielding love for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The recent series with the NY Islanders has been incredibly stressful.  If you don't watch or appreciate hockey, I guess you might not understand the physical and emotional stress that occurs.  

Furthermore, since I have been at a loss about what is really exciting going on in the field of health and nutrition, I went back to what I'm concerned about right now...swimsuit season.  I decided to write a series of posts based on the lack of clothing expected during the summer months, since it's been 50 degrees and raining in Columbus, Ohio for the past 2 weeks, I am not worried right now.  But you might actually live somewhere where summer consistently comes and stays, like Miami.

Nothing seems to make me happier than an avocado.  It's nature's version of butter.  It can be made into a dip, tastes a lot worse than it really is.  One entire cup is about 234 Calories and has almost ten grams of fiber.  Why will this make you awesomely skinny?  It's just 'fattening right'?

Not quite. Before you discredit me like Lindsay Lohan going for her PhD in Biochemistry, I have some reasonable evidence as to why this works.

  • Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat, they won't clog arteries and the body can still synthesize it's happy hormones, substitute it for mayo on sandwiches, blitz with steamed asparagus for a lower calorie guacamole, or it can actually be mashed and used for a lot of things.
  • They're cheap. Have you seen what a bikini costs?  Yes, that little bit of fabric can run anywhere from $20 to $200, avocados run about $1 to $1.50, you can get about 3-4 servings out of it and valuable fiber.
  • They are jacked with potassium, B vitamins, folic acid, and vitamin E to help with a speedy metabolism.