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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Goals? Post-Half Marathon Recap and Yoga

after 2:09 half-marathon
I was working out with my trainer a few weeks ago and the first thing he said was "Well, what's next?"  I knew I never wanted to do a full marathon.  I felt disgustingly fat and 'out of shape' before the half-marathon so I just didn't want to commit for that. I know I'd like to drop another ten pounds.  Buy a wedding dress.  But running is the last thing I'd like to do.  I mean, I did get a beer making kit and I'm pretty sure that doesn't constitute the main purpose of this blog so I'm still working on what the next goals will be.  I'm throwing around the idea of the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon, because the website claims that it's a flat course.  Western Pennsylvania is not flat and neither is Pittsburgh.  Plus, running in January does not appeal to me for a May race.  So we'll see where this goes...maybe I'll do more yoga.