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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wine-y Wednesday and Motivational Memes (California Pizza Kitchen Calorie Guide Link)

I need to quit stealing these memes from Fit Sugar but well, they're so good.  I have a particular workout I do at the gym that I attempted today.  I got there early and after swiping my 36 inch box, 35 lb weights, and a stability ball.  I typically get what I need, start/finish re-rack my weights (it's incredibly rude to not do this) and move on with life. But since I moved back to the capital burbs, people are different out here.  Not like my gritty seasoned women of Pittsburgh, the maniac marathoners of Western Maryland.  The idea of the gym in suburban Columbus, Ohio is a place to be seen.  It sucks.  Here is my brief rant today.  After starting my circuit this random guy decides he needs to put his water bottle and Blackberry on my box...really?  I hate accosting people at first so I attempted to give him 'the look' of "hi, I'm going to defy gravity because I have overdeveloped quads, you need to move your technology and do your push-ups somewhere else.  We do have lockers here for that reason."

So then I had to politely ask him to remove his stuff (he was also a foot taller than I and well a sold hundred lbs more) and he actually refused, with a somewhat shocked retort of "oh, I thought you were using it to hold your water bottle."

I think everyone needs a gym etiquette class.  What's the most annoying thing someone has done to you at the gym? C'mon, everyone knows the crazy girl at spin that pedals backwards, the guy that thinks he's Dr. Phil and spends more time leaning on the weight rack...

Anyway, I do yoga for these reasons.

Finally, I have eaten at California Pizza Kitchen.  I actually just ate another slice of pizza after I was full...I wanted to share the link  from Calorie King.  I had no idea thin/whole wheat crust could be so tasty.