01 09 10 Tweet Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too: Random Musings Of a Friday Eve and Healthy Food Myths

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Musings Of a Friday Eve and Healthy Food Myths

I'm still searching for a yoga class I like at the gym.  Tuesday's 'slow-flow' yoga wasn't too bad except for the fact that it wasn't slow and I left after 40 minutes and 50 vinyasa push-ups.

I'm searching for something that lasts an hour that involves little effort and no thinking.  If I wanted a hard yoga class I'd do P90x yoga at home.

and Tiny Canvas Classics
Toms new Spring collection.  Must have!

Food Myths That Won't Die

  • Raw food is nutritionally superior.
    • False.  Cooking some foods such as carrots or tomatoes increases the nutrients in the vegetable or makes the body digest those vitamins easier.
  • Go gluten-free to lose weight.
    • False.  Seriously.  Excess Calories make you fat.  Repeat until you believe this.
  • Organic foods have more vitamins and minerals.
    • Another false-y.  Organic foods are grown without pesticides and herbicides.  Pesticides/herbicides can cause unfavorable reactions in the body like increasing estrogen in humans (making it difficult to conceive, lose weight, and potentially increase depression).  There are also multiple links to cancer related to these pesticides.  
    • Check out this post from The Daily Green on "The Clean 15".
    • Eating any vegetables, organic or not, are better for you than an organic Twinkee (if such a thing were to exist).