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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Perils Of Hot Yoga, The Walking Dead, And Motivation

"Hot yoga is a terrible idea, if I want to lose all coordination I'd be at the bar."--Me

I  ventured into what I thought was your typical Vinyasa yoga class which is basically flowing positions, breathing, and feeling nice.  I neglected to read the class description that the room would also be "warm" which is a bit subjective and there would be "music".  As I was slaving away in a 90+ degree room with Bob Marley which I'm pretty much fine with in other circumstances.  

I've been trying to figure out why we go to gyms and the whole purpose of motivation and barriers/challenges to initiating change.  The gym I joined had this article on their blog: Master Your Mindset.

I personally believed that we can't fully change until we accept whatever problems or issues that keep us from our goals are acknowledged.  You can't fix everything.  You don't need to over-analyze life's problems: gas prices, food prices, the economy, Snuggies, the people who live above you who sound like a herd of elephants (they have a two year old that jumps frequently).  

Every day is a worth while occasion to have 3 healthy meals and a snack or two.