01 09 10 Tweet Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too: Dine In Challenge

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dine In Challenge

Just got back from the Notre Dame-Maryland game at FedEx Field.  Beating the blues with some yoga and blog reading (screw running, it's dark out...wah!), and cleaning.  I subscribe to Jillian Michaels on my Facebook and I wanted to re-post this:
"Here's a challenge for the upcoming week! Try not to eat out more than 2 times. Bring your lunch to work. Prepare recipes for 8-10 servings so you have food prepped for the week (plus unused ingredients don't go to waste). You will be amazed how much money you save and how much better you will feel. This is a great exercise to teach you how to have better control of what goes in your body!"