01 09 10 Tweet Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too: Le Bad Day

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Le Bad Day

This has been a terrible week.  Incredibly productive at work and with workouts but the diet has sucked and my allergies flared up a tad.  I also lost control of my car while driving home from work due to an oil slick.  No damage to the vehicle or this blogger luckily.  I felt like Charlie Brown playing football with well...Lucy.  I've been reading The Road Less Traveled  these past two weeks to grasp people and to make sure I am not a sucky person.  Do you ever feel like you just want a better perspective instead of being stuck on life's treadmill?  Pick it up at your library.  Or buy it if you feel so compelled.

Life is lived experiencing taking problems head on, not through food.

I spent the past weekend hiking at Ohiopyle in Fayette County Pennsylvania.  I grew up near here and have fond memories of my dad dragging me here for excursions on our bikes along the Great Allegheny Passage. The town itself has grown so much with hipster/trendy shops and your

Surf around check out the falls!

Also, O.A.R. puts me in a good mood.