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Thursday, August 25, 2011

So I Just Consumed An Entire Bag Of Trader Joe's Turkey Jerky

AGH!!! ROSS MATHEWS hosted Chelsea Lately this past week.  This makes me happier than being "Jerzday".  I have an affection for bad reality television as I do NPR, art, and playing Mozart pieces of my violin.

Yes, Rachel  (my mother) calls me a piece of work.

My addiction of the week, Trader Joe's Jerky (Bison, Turkey, heck, I think they have beef).  So after fasting for 16 hours for a health screen at work, my breakfast consisted of half a donut (don't judge me) and a bag of this delicious carnivore treat (one bag is only 240 Calories and 44 g protein--there are 4 servings per bag!)--I chased it with 3 cups of coffee and hummed along for the rest of my dietitian-y day.

I also had the smallest piece of Dairy Queen ice cream cake which was lunch and decided that dinner needs to be a bit more 'healthy' after Spinning: whole wheat pita with goat cheese and pesto.

After my morning of consuming most of an animal, I stumbled upon this gem: http://www.nomeatathlete.com/.  

Back to campus? http://damnthefreshman15.blogspot.com/

What's been your most memorable food binge?