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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Low-Calorie Treats To Keep Cool

I'm watching the Philly Union v. Manchester United game on ESPN and missing London where I was last week.

Ugh.  It was 65 degrees and party cloudy.  I like to take a break from the heat on vacation.  I was welcomed back to the USA with the stifling humidity of Baltimore, Maryland in July. It was 95 degrees.  Needless to say I needed to cool off and sleep my jet lag away.

Ice cream takes us back to simpler times of our youth.  Three months away from school, sprinklers, Kennywood (for us Pittsburghers) and cold frozen good things.
No one really worried about Calories and abs until the Freshmen 15 settled nicely around the midsection and ice cream is a happy food.

Keep ice cream to the 1/2 cup serving.  You can actually eat a half cup of regular ice cream since it has about 120-170 Calories anyway.

I eat more than a half cup and never keep it in my freezer for that reason. I can only preach and practice moderation on so many things and ice cream isn't one of them.

Here's a master list of ice cream/frozen novelties

Trader Joe's--90 Calorie Coffee Latte and Cream bars
Any Skinny Cow product
Bryer's Double Churned or No Sugar Added
Klondike Slim-A-Bear products
Schwan's Slim Creations bars
Healthy Choice bars and sandwiches
Weight Watchers frozen novelties

Heck, if you really hate the stove when the thermometer peaks, like I do, I eat two for dinner and call it a day.