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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When you need a pick me up...

Ok to the right is the food guide pyramid that was on my birthday cake this past Thanksgiving (yes, I'm a November 27th baby).

I realized I never put photos up and I want to make my blog look "cooler".

Anyway, I developed an interest, eh, calorie poor crush as I like to call it, on the new 10 Calorie Vitamin Water drinks. It all started on a morning Sheetz run that was supposed to be for coffee/gas before work that lead to my curiosity getting the best of me. I figured what the heck is a 50 calorie "energy" drink going to do this morning. So I picked up the Vitamin Water 10 Calorie drink labeled "Energy".

I had a good enough buzz going until I read the label and saw they lace it with Guarana.

So what is this stuff?

Guarana is a caffeine rich plant from South America that is currently "GRAS" (generally regarded as safe). I've seen it in weight loss drugs, it has some supposed antioxidant effects, but for now it can potentially cause seizures in some people alone or combined with Taurine.

The jury is out on this one. I think I'll stick with my 8 O'clock Coffee :)