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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Don't get crabby with me!

May has been incredibly hectic. I recently starting teaching Spinning and our corporate people have been getting us ready for our spontaneous state survey. Gotta love long term care.

Anyway, besides falling off the face of the earth, I just came back from an awesome weekend in Annapolis/Frederick Maryland.

I wanted to just get out of the Frostburg/Cumberland area for a weekend and after going to Ohio for Memorial Day I figured I should re-visit my old haunts from my internship.

My friend I hit up Kaufmann's Tavern for a pretty cheap all you can eat steamed crabs. I haven't cracked so much as a crab leg since I went to Ocean City as a college freshmen so I had some skills to learn.

Crab is a low fat/low calorie source of protein. It's high in B vitamins (I like to call 'em metabolism boosters) and their cholesterol content is similar to shrimp. Their sodium can jump up if you smother them in Old Bay, but is there any other way to dig into a pile of blue crabs?