01 09 10 Tweet Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too: Nostalgia for the District of Columbia...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nostalgia for the District of Columbia...

I'm actually planning on working on a nice little project about food safety in the U.S., I'm waiting for everything to be recalled at this point and we'll be growing our on food.

Anyway, I have a new kick to take an exciting vacation, until that happens the Travel Channel will do for now. There's a nice show on D.C. and I'm reminiscing about our nation's capital when I did have free time last year...ok so "free time" in a dietetic internship is the equivalent of 5 hours on an afternoon, but it's just enough to hop on the Metro and go somewhere fun...well, safe.

Enough of that. I've been interested in the latest food combos to enhance nutrient absorption. This is something you can do at home (as I ignore the peeps, chocolate covered Easter whatever, etc., you may be consuming).

Peanut butter and whole grain bread (make sure it reads 100% Whole Grain)
  • Peanuts are pumped with vitamin E which does many delightful things for the skin and body. Combine that with the protein that also comes out of these nutty legumes and it's new best friend, wheat, can contribute amino acids that the peanuts don't have (making a complete protein...think beans and rice--I'll save you the biochem).

Veggies and a little f-a-t!

  • Vegetables are a great low calorie addition to any diet plan, making your calories go farther, filling you up, keeping the GI happy, and even protecting you against free radicals. Well, I don't know about you but a salad with fat free Ranch or some fake Italian dressing just doesn't play the hard ball that my body wants after a Spin class. Pick a low fat...LOW FAT dressing for salads (moderation children!) or add a little olive oil to roasted vegetables and you're body will suck up all the vitamins and minerals.

Pick a few food groups at meals and snacks to keep your metabolism humming

  • I like to encourage an almost diabetic, Mediterranean diet...diabetic in a sense that you're eating carbs throughout the day while choosing healthy fats. I like to tell people to make their snacks mini-meals, add a little protein (cheese) with something carb-y (grapes, crackers, etc.) and you make that meal digest slower and keep you fuller longer.