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Saturday, February 21, 2009


So I was on a pretty crazy hiatus this past Feb. Between mentally preparing myself to take on the Arizona Cardinals (I love former U of Pitt standout, Larry Fitzgerald's hair); coping with the never ending winter; and my temporary position in Pittsburgh ending...I had to find an apartment and relocate to scenic Western Maryland to begin anew :)

Anyway, how's your New Year's Resolution going? If you're dodging this sentence, it's ok if Happy Hours....nachos...and Valentine's Day candy happened. Just get back in the gym or if you're in a warmer climate, hit the sidewalk.

The current peanut butter scare has been driving me nuts (worst pun ever). It's one of my favorite sources of protein, alright, I have been known to forgo any sides (bread, jelly, apples, crackers, etc.) and pound a jar with a spoon. What makes this so worrisome is that it appears that we are self destructing our own food supply. Why bother with terrorists contaminating our own food supply when we seem to do a good job ourselves. I found a pretty good article on the situation.

Oh, Peanut Corporation of America!

"On a Jan. 28 evening newscast, an Atlanta’s TV station first reported that FDA documents indicated PCA officials knew their peanut butter contained salmonella bacteria and shipped it anyway.

By the last week in January, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported the number of cases had gone to 600 and at least nine people were dead.

The next week, a congressional committee released documents that appeared to show that PCA officials knew of at least 12 findings of salmonella bacteria in their peanut butter during 2007 and 2008, but still urged employees to move the product out to its customers.

Today, the list of recalled products at risk of containing the salmonella infected peanut butter is over 2000; the cost to corporations and retailers of recall expense and future lost sales is likely to reach billions; and businesses are expected to spend hundreds of millions to rebuild trust and reassure customers of the safety of peanut-based products.

Anticipating a huge decline in demand for peanut butter products, peanut farmers are already planning to cut back the number of acres they will plant this spring."

This is obviously terrible PR for the industry. In a struggling economy, this is one less problem the country needs right now.

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