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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Should You Jump In On the Juicing Craze?

Juicing has recently become quite popular. Many companies like Naked Juice that were ignored only 5 years ago are now household favorites. Juicing can help you drop pounds fast at the beginning of a weight loss journey, pack more vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies into your diet --not to mention introduce you to vegetables you aren’t particularly  fond of eating.

Juicing isn’t Jack LaLanne’s evil ploy to sell more juicing machines. There are actually many advantages to for you to gain from liquefying your veggies. Your everyday health and well-being could be effected in a positive way, yet you should educate yourself on the downsides of juicing as well.

Health Benefits Of Juicing

Increased nutrient intake. Eating a lot of fast food and junk food can have seriously damaging effects on your stomach and digestion. It is said that juicing eliminates this problem by making the vitamins and nutrients a lot easier for your body to absorb.

Higher daily fruit and veggie consumption. Let’s face it, most adults are too busy leading their lives of raising children and running business to focus on perfectly nutritious diets. Drinking a fresh juice daily gives you the chance to get nutrients from a bunch of fruits and veggies in one shot!

Introducing yourself to new vegetables. Sometimes we’re hesitant to eat vegetables we’ve deemed “weird.” Especially if they taste icky. Take beets, for instance. They are not the most delicious tasting veggie, but can be quite tasty when juiced and mixed with other sweet veggies like carrots --or the spicier celery.

Have no idea what to do? Tons of juicing recipes can be found online.

The Cons Of Juicing

Fruit and veggie juice isn’t a complete diet. A healthy diet is comprised of fats, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Juicing does not deliver enough of any of these things to be a healthy substitute for eating. Although, it could be a great addition to an already wholesome breakfast of eggs and toast.

Produce is expensive. You are consuming far more fruits and vegetables in one cup of freshly made juice that you normally would in a normal day. That being said, produce can get quite pricey, so juicing isn’t the cheapest habit to take on.

Contaminated juicers and produce. Most people don’t realize that it’s incredibly important to properly clean your juicer and vegetables. If a juicer isn’t scrubbed totally clean, the fruit and vegetable particles left inside could grow mold or other microorganisms that may be detrimental to your health.

Quick tip: Scrub the grater inside your juicer with a clean toothbrush and save it for this occasion every time. It will make your life tons easier.

Sugar consumption. Drinking fresh juices can pack just as much sugar as a soda. In moderation, this may be okay for you, but more than one juice is not said to be a healthful decision. Opt out for a lean chicken breast and some brown rice instead.

Things To Consider Before Juicing

Your overall health. Unfortunately, juicing is most likely not the answer to all your health woes. Although you may drop a few pounds at the beginning of a juicing regimen, this should not be used as a long term method of shedding weight.

People that are considering a juice diet or cleanse should consult their doctor before diving in and following a crash diet recommended online. This is especially a concern for people with low blood pressure or blood sugar issues since fainting is common when cutting this many calories from a diet.

Juicing has many great health benefits, but could also be detrimental to your health if you don’t educate yourself before incorporating it into your diet. Do your research and decide what the best way to add juicing into your life is.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer who focuses on everything from marketing, technology, real estate, and music, but she has a special interest in health & wellness. Working from home with three young kids around, she knows the importance of a healthy but balanced diet.