01 09 10 Tweet Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too: The Best Snack/Dessert

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Best Snack/Dessert

Well, I've done my longest run in 6 weeks...9.09 not horrible miles but the Central Ohio weather has become a crisp fall for at least today.  Training for a half-marathon is a great way to avoid political ads during an election year.

The weeks of 90s and 100s were pretty awful, I felt slow, tired, and well, water or running incredibly early (7 AM) or incredibly late (8PM) for someone that doesn't like to do anything before 10 AM or no later than 6 PM was pretty miserable.  My biggest issue is going to the local running store and just buying a stupid packet of either shot blocks or some kind of jelly bean.  I stole 3 mini-packets of candy corn from my supervisor...well, he did initially offer it in the morning but I decided I needed extra and candy corn isn't the greatest glucose replacement but it worked for miles 6-7ish.  I need to stop being so cheap and buy the stuff.  

Post-run my non-compliant self gets even better, I don't want to really eat after running despite preaching post-workout nutrition, or move, or shower, or really want to be apart of earth.  I have not managed to figure out how to levitate but I wish I had those powers.  Running wouldn't be so bad.  Tonight I managed to consume 1/2 cup of some kind of frozen pasta from Trader Joe's with the balsamic roasted vegetables which can be easily microwaved and a meal in 10 minutes.

I am currently breaking my no internet after work policy and wanted to share the peanut butter balls from Fit Foodie Finds.  Click here.  I will recommend these things for the kids (who don't have nut allergies), the adults, and well, anyone who's a fan of peanut butter desserts that won't make you incredibly fat but sorta remind you of either a buckeye or the insides of a peanut butter cup.

For those of us who like to indulge in other things, here's a good article from Love, Sweat, and Beers about Oktoberfest brews.

Well, since I've covered just about everything kids, I'm off to bed dreaming of a hockey season!