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Friday, June 15, 2012

Motivating Pins To Slash Excuses

I abuse brilliant quotes on Pinterest
"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." -Thoreau

Enough saidI'm actually feeling deep today.  I thought of a rant about why men (because I have not seen any ladies stacking 3-45 lb plates on each side of the smith machine at the gym) need to re-rack their weights but as I reflect on my past four months of outpatient counseling I've started to think about what point people get frustrated and then get busy.

I've been wondering at what size or number on the scale make you say to heck with the donuts/daily birthday cake at work, jumbo fast food meals, and waning confidence in yourself do you decide, "I'm over food, I'm over being tired, being harassed about the onset of Diabetes, a heart attack, or not being able to do things I enjoy.

Food should be medicine but not an anti-depressant.  As Americans we have this desire to be high-energy with constant burning of the midnight oil.  Our minds wax and wane between what is in the past and what is in the future.  Do we ever think of the present?  Whatever terrible things that the Mayans predicted for 2012 and whatever terrible things happened at work yesterday should not suffice as an excuse for self-neglect.  We have DVRs for late night TV shows, we have freezers to make meals prep quicker, and we have DVDs to make exercise accessible.

Now, help me track down the guy that needs to re-rack his weights.