01 09 10 Tweet Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too: Less Screen Time And More Me Time (Evil Tabata Post)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Less Screen Time And More Me Time (Evil Tabata Post)

My blog posts are infrequent.  I apologize and then again I don't.  After working all day in front of a computer being the food police ("No.  You do not need to buy everyone their own cube of Pepsi, they might complain but switch to Crystal Light for the time being.")

I'm also fighting a terrible writer's block on my SCAN DPG blog. Pleasing RDs is not easy and I figured I need to make something cool and fresh.

On a positive note:

Discussing the Pirates in any way whatsoever is like saying Macbeth while rehearing the play.  You can say "the Buccos", "the Bucs", etc. I've been holding my pessimistic breath as I post this.  I'm quite superstitious about my teams, like they're my family or something.

Secondly, I wanted to discuss the evil Tabata workout the spinning instructor had us undertake this evening. I did manage to burn 600 Calories that was pretty intense.  Fit Sugar has an article here to check out.  Tabata is basically going all out for 20 seconds, taking it easy for 10 and then repeat.  Tabata works by pushing you out of your comfort zone, breaking down muscle/anaerobic stuff.  Then, you rest and build muscle.  It basically is a short, intense not fun workout that makes you fitter.  So if you're in good shape (no injuries, heart conditions, or recent alien abductions) and crunched for time, it might be an option to look into with a Dr's OK.