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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Hot Heat & New Weight Loss Drug

Pardon my Thursday night meme.  I should be at the gym but their a/c isn't the best.  While watching my morning news programs I found out the FDA approved a new weight loss drug if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is greater than 27(overweight with a weight related disease, hypertension, Diabetes, etc.) or if you are  obese (a BMI of 30). Belviq or generically known  as Lorcaserin might be up your alley.  Again these drugs have side effects and as a pessimist when it comes to 'weight loss drugs' or fad diets it will come at a cost to your health which is what you're trying to improve ironically.

I'm not buying it.  Alli causes liver and kidney damage (you need those guys) this current drug works like Phen-phen which caused heart problems and went the way of banana clips and now we have a drug that works similarly to that.  Plus, you'd only lose 5% of your weight in one year. What is 5%, well let's say you are 5 ft tall and weigh 160 lbs.  You are obese with a BMI of 31 therefore you can go on Belviq.  After a year of Belviq you would weigh 152 lbs as that is 5% of 160 lbs.

You could always see a dietitian or just e-mail me and I'll give you a daily calorie estimate, you can follow that with a sensible diet (cut out crap foods and stop emotionally eating), and do that for less than the cost of this pill...and probably lose more weight while keeping your internal organs happy campers.

Maybe I'm suffering from heat exhaustion.