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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Half-Marathon Nutrition

This might be me.  Well, I'd just like to cross.
Well, it's official.  I've decided to register for my first half-marathon and will be running in the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Half-Marathon.  They have a full marathon but I really have no desire to really go that far.

I hit seven miles on Tuesday, took another spinning class and really haven't done anything in the past two days.

I've been following the FIRST training program which consists of 3 runs and 2 cross training days (swimming, biking, or rowing machines).  I'd rather run smarter and not well, four days per week.  I'm still working out the kinks with my lifting program but I think this might be my weekly regime for the next several months.

Long run
Tempo run (a.k.a. keeping the same pace for a particular number of miles)
Sprints on treadmill (I'm not a fan of the track)
Yoga and being awesome

If I can make it up to ten miles by May and be capable of maintaining that mileage base during the summer, I'll build it in the early fall and hope to meet the 13.1 in late October.

So what do you eat on these excursions?
Runner's World has a site dedicated to Performance Training Foods

Keep up with SCAN's (Sports, Cardio, and Wellness Nutrition) blog.

Meal planning and snacks should really be key depending on what training is required on particular days.  I know I can't eat anything heavy 3 hours before a long run but I'm find with a banana.

Check out RD approved Runner's Fuel.

I'll be posting a few meal plans in the upcoming days too.