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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Pizza Post: A Plan Of Attack

"We live in an age when pizza gets to your house faster than the police."--Jeff Marder

I have had a long standing history of finding good pizza.  At Kent State, I periodically ordered East Of Chicago Pizza's Seven Layer Veggie, light cheese extra sauce and extra crispy crust.  It was then drowned with about a liter of Diet Pepsi (with a Nexium) and a substantial amount of organic chemistry.  Gotta love that crazy carbon atom.  Food will periodically be a crutch for moi.  

Pizza is a great vehicle to drive vegetable consumption.  What isn't good covered in tomato sauce and cheese?

I prefer to make my own but the desire to order in is great and well it will interrupt my lazy afternoon after hitting the treadmill and rowing machine.  How can you save calories on pizza of all the calorie bombs out there?  It's quite easy to trim your pie so to speak.

  • Do your research.
Search the nutritional information on your favorite chains.  
Below are a few of my favorite places.

  • Don't cry when you realize how many calories are in one slice of pizza.
  • Combat tears by tweaking the following in your order:
    • ask for light cheese, thin crust, extra sauce and vegetables.
These four swaps can save upwards of 100-250 Calories per slice.