01 09 10 Tweet Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too: Battling the Binge

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Battling the Binge

It's been a rough week. Ok, this year is not off to the start you might have dreamed.

Maybe it was the best of times...the worst of times...or anytime to eat.

Yes, the absolute diet detour--The Binge. It sounds like a Marvel comics nemesis, but not being able to flick the food switch off can make anyone wish upon another Nor'easter Blizzard like the mess that was January and February.

I like to tell people to figure out what sets them off, you're 13 year-old's D in math, le bad date, tabloid scandals. Sometimes we eat because food is so primal it's more than just nutrition to keep the body going, it's the best man's toast at a wedding, it's the sweet 16 birthday, food is celebration.

Our caveman ancestors were hard wired to eat as much as possible in case of famine. With the dollar value meal we really don't quite have that problem.

Here are a few tips for keeping yourself out of the binge eating ball park and how to get help if you need more than a blog:

*Know thyself. If you can't keep yourself from eating the pint of Ben and Jerry's, look for pre-portioned ice cream novelties or avoid your trigger food altogether.

*A lifestyle change is easier than any diet plan. By not making any foods "no-nos", you can sensible indulge guilt free instead of hard-wiring yourself to attack the Little Debbies like a 5 year old on Christmas morning.

*Set the table. Get away from your desk. You have a 30-60 minute paid lunch break. Take it.

*Figure out what is setting up your stress, boredom, happiness, and why you're reaching for the refrigerator. Have gum, calorie free drinks, etc.

*Pamper yourself. When we over eat from stress it is usually because we feel better while doing it. Take the 10 minutes to read your favorite blog, Facebook, or book that makes you RELAX.

For support, I recommend Overeaters Anonymous for additional information