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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Job Security from Wolfe Rinkle Associates...

This time last year I had no idea where I might turn out professionally. I assumed I would be in the UPMC system as a typical generalist dietitian. 18 interviews in Pittsburgh, Western PA, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia later. I found myself working as a temp for an RD on maternity leave in the 'burgh only to be back on the market a few months/interviews later. It wasn't too long until I found my awesome job in Cumberland, Md. However, the time, gas, and mental anguish left me quite depressed at times.

I was definitely not moving back to Baltimore.

Here's a blurb from the eNewsletter I subscribe to from Wolfe Rinkle Associates.

P.S. They have the best price on CEU's!

"In the last issue of this eNL (1-5) I identified seven specific strategies designed to help you keep your job during these tough economic conditions: --Be visible--Don't be a "squeaky wheel"--Solve problems--Do things your boss does not like to do--Make your boss feel good--Act as if you own the place--Go beyond the expectedNow let's take a look at seven others things you can do to keep your job: Invest in your most important resource You can achieve job security even in tough times! How? By becoming the best at what you do by reading, studying and engaging in continuing professional education, training and development. And don't fall in the trap of just doing the minimum 75 CPEs per five years. That simply allows you to be compensated at the same rate like everyone else. If on the other hand you want to earn more, you have to learn more. What if your employer is no longer willing to pay for it? Pay for it yourself! Can't afford it? Face it--in these tough times you can't afford NOT to invest in the most important resource you own--yourself! Fake it till you make itNo matter how tough things are for you right now, choose to exhibit a positive, can-do attitude. Let's face it; none of us like to hang out with negative "stinking thinking" people, especially in these down times. So when it is time for people to be let go, guess who gets their marching orders first? No matter how tough things get, remember your attitude is always your choice. So choose to always-yes I do mean always-exhibit a positive attitude. Because if you do it consistently, your subconscious will internalize it, and cause you to behave accordingly. (Psycho the mind, over the long run, controls "soma" the body.) If you like help with this listen or watch my "Positive Attitude: The Key to Peak Performance" CD (C160) or DVD (C172). Both are approved for 8 CPEUs. Or devour my best selling CPE program: "How to Maximize Professional Potential & Increase Your Earning Power in Nutrition & Dietetics, 3nd Edition" (C187). It is approved for 30 CPEUs. Do a self-assessment Pretend that you are an entrepreneur or a consultant who is selling services to a client (your employer). To make this realistic, compute your daily compensation. Be sure to add your benefits. If you are not sure how much that is, add 30%. Then get in the habit of asking yourself: "Have I created more value today than my daily compensation?" Consistently being able to say "yes" to that question, will dramatically increase the probability that you keep your job. Repeat that question every working day. You may even find it helpful to place a nice looking sign on your desk that says: "How are you creating $_____ of value today?" Say good things about others or nothing at allEven though just about everyone seems to complain about something or someone-don't be like everyone, be the exception. Don't gossip, whine complain, or say anything bad about anyone. And right along with that, avoid office politics like the plague. And by all means, distance yourself from people who engage in any of these counter-productive behaviors. Become an expert networkerNo matter how much value you create, there is still a chance that you'll be laid off. It's simply a sign of the times and in many cases has nothing to do with you. And when that happens, your network, more than anything else, will determine how fast you will find your next dream job. To test your networking effectiveness, ask yourself who you have been eating lunch with during the past week. If it is pretty much the same people, you are missing tremendous networking opportunities, opportunities that you won't be able to bring back. So start today to get in the habit of eating lunch with different people four out of five days a week, to sit with people you do not know at meetings and to attend conferences that are sponsored by groups you don't normally hang out with. Also make sure that you have an electronic networking site established such as Facebook or Linkedin. (To join mine go to www.facebook.com or www.linkedin.com.) Keep your finger on the company pulseMake it your business to know what is going on in your company or organization. You can achieve that by attending all senior level meetings you get invited to, reviewing your organization's website at least once a week, and if you are part of a public company, setting a Google alert for your company so you have a better sense when layoffs are imminent. If all else fails-don't panic-negotiateSo what to do when your boss tells you that she has to let you go? Whatever you do, don't panic and don't get angry. (It is very likely that she does not like this any more than you do.) First find out why? If the answer is to save money, offer to work a reduced work week or maybe even for less pay, provided it is for a specified time. If that still does not work negotiate for a substantial severance package. (Believe it or not you are negotiating from a position of strength because your employer does not want to be sued for wrongful termination.) So negotiate for the fattest package you can get away with. And don't be timid. (After all, what are they going to do, fire you?) To help you get all you can get, read my "Win-Win Negotiation" CPE program, (C184)."

Stay ahead of the game.