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Monday, June 8, 2009

100 Calorie blog bites

Nutrition Articles

From this month's Journal of the American Dietetic Association

·The fruit Synsepalum dulcificum "miracle fruit" that makes the tongue trick itselfinto thinking sour foods as tasting sweet. There was an article posted on CNN.com on March25th, 2009 that picked up interest in the berry that hails from West Africa. Foodies hadgathered for "taste tripping" parties "where foodies can experience tart lemons that suddenlytaste like candy or hot sauce that tastes like honey barbeque sauce" (JADA p. 974). Thiswould be exceptionally beneficial for people undergoing chemo which changes the taste buds andreduces food intake, hence weight loss in those with cancer.

· Pregorexia: a new term coined in the summer of 2008 (I've never heard of it).Describes the phenomenon of pregnant women who decrease calories in a vain attempt to controlpreggo weight gain. In a healthy pregnancy the mother to be should gain an estimated 25-30pounds. This isn't entirely fat mass...once you take into account the little bambino growing,fluid, and other miscellaneous metabolic processes. The ADA recommends that consume about2,200-2,9000 calories per day. I would take into consideration that if you're having a littlea la Kate Goslin you're going to be on the higher end of cravings spectrum. "Pregorexia" was sort of discovered in a report in the NY Times that ran a piece in 2004 about women whowanted the perfect pregnancy body, you know, the little baby bump. I had previously had achild nutrition class during my undergrad at Kent State in which my professor chastised theoverly trendy media to attempt to thin out pregnant women.