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Monday, July 14, 2008

The pursuit of employment and healthy eating habits for our kids...not Rx

Anyway, I practically choked on my Crystal Light Lemonade (summertime and the livin's easy) when I heard on the news that cholesterol drugs are now safe for kids with elevated levels of cholesterol.

I'm fully aware that we're a fat society, but seriously... Dr. Jennifer Li from Duke University stated: "We need to do something to stem the tide of childhood obesity."

Well, gosh, we've been trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into American diets and getting people to exercise hasn't been the easiest. Have you asked yourself how often you eat 5+ servings of vegetables (if you're from Pittsburgh fries on you sandwich don't count) or when you workout?

Our primary goal needs to be to lower the cholesterol levels in children that need it. Fine. But cholesterol needs to be controlled by diet/exercise and medication. Lipitor doesn't do it all.

Other factors that concern me are:
1. What is this teaching our children if all we do is answer our health concerns by medications?
2. What are the long term effects on the growth and development of our nation's children?
3. Will physicians make more referrals to RDs so there may be greater impact on the diet and exercise portion of cholesterol and weight management?

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